In concert with Vic Juris and Russian guitarist Andre Ryabov. The rhythm
                                                                   is the great drummer (Chick Corea, Dave Holland, etc) Barry Altschul, with
                                                                   Richard Downs, bass. This was from the first Memorial Tribute to Attila Zoller.


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This video is from the Benefit for Haiti Concert at the Lane Hotel                                        
in Keene, NH with Scott Mullet, sax, Samira Evans, Vocals,                     
Steve Cady, bass, Jon Fisher, drums   


Duo with the great West Coast Guitarist John Stowell:

             Having fun in concert with 'Monk's Dream' w/ Michael Zsoldos, sax: Berklee College of Music
             Professor Jon Hazilla. drums. Unfortunately, we  also have a headless bass player:
             the extraordinary virtuoso Thomson Kneeland. But  check out his very interesting website:.                                                                                
             Thomson has quite a head indeed when you read his essays. (Not in view, Fred Haas on piano):

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