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"Draa Hobbs -Solo Guitar" 2002 (Housing Project Hill)

"Not A Day Goes By" Steve Sonntag Quintet w/ Tom McClung, Phil Ori, Dave Shapiro (Dancing Root)

"Memories of Love's Refrain" Patty Carpenter w/ Tom McClung, Dave Shapiro, and Fred Haas

"Dysfunctional Family Jazz Band"  , Patty Carpenter, Scott Shetler, Melissa Shetler. w/Tony Garnier, James Wormworth, Brian Mitchell (NoTing)

"Talisman Groove" Lisa McCormick, w/ T-Bone Wolk, Allison Miller.

"The House With Four Chimneys -The Music of Erik Satie Ed Eastridge, Guitarist, Producer (Big Mo)
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